How Are You Keeping Patients Safe?

Did you know this week, the first week in June, is Sun Safety Week? Our Twitter account, @IWTSOLUTIONS will be distributing sun safety tips this week; so be sure to find us on Twitter! We will be offering many other tips throughout the month of June so stay tuned. Not only is this week Sun Safety Week, but the month of June is National Safety Month. Have you ever thought about all of the things we try to do to stay safe? We wear seatbelts to protect us from impact in the car. We wear sunscreen to protect us from the damaging yet beautiful sunrays. Those of us that are parents do anything we can in our power to keep our children safe: choosing the right foods, wearing helmets when bike riding, choosing the right car seat, wrapping them up in bubble wrap to ensure they don’t get hurt (oh wait, that must be just me. I can be a bit overprotective). What about patient safety? We, as hospital patients or family members of patients, want to choose the hospital facility where we think we and our family member will be the safest. I know that has been a big consideration for me and my family lately. We have made sure that we have chosen the hospital where we believe our child will receive the safest and most innovative care. We have even committed to driving 3.5 hours for each visit; which happens to be once a week. Patient safety can be easily and efficiently established in your facility with solutions from IWT. Stay tuned to our social media accounts Twitter and Facebook for our campaign to see why our solutions BedReady and SAM are the best! You will get a better understanding as to why our solutions ensure patient safety in your facility. I challenge you to do one thing this month to make patients safer in your facility, just one thing, large or small. Let me ask you: What solutions do you have in your facility to secure patient safety? Please leave your comments below or join our group on LinkedIN, Innflotech and join the conversation there. We look forward to hearing from you!


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